Stitch Fix #3

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's that time again!

I received my #3 fix at the beginning of the month and thought I would share!

Again if any of you are wondering what the heck a Stitch Fix is, basically it's this:  You create an account and answer a bunch of questions all about what you like and don't like, your figure, etc.  Then you pick whether you want monthly boxes or can just have them sent when you need them.  The price of each item varies and you let them know the price point you would like to pay and they try to honor that.  The items are what I would consider department store prices.  You pay a $20 styling fee and a stylist will pick 5 items for you and send them out.  You have 3 days to decide what you want to keep or send back.  If you keep at least 1 item, you will be able to credit your styling fee towards the item.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!  Then you log in, let them know what you're keeping/sending back and put your items in the prepaid envelope provided and ship it back to them and then you will be charged for what you kept. 

Again, sorry for the quick iPhone snaps, but I was packing for a trip and had to make my decision quick to get my returns back in the mail.

Here is my note and style card.  In my note to the stylist, I did ask for Jessica again and unfortunately she wasn't available.  I requested business casual items that I could wear for my upcoming trips and convention that I will be attending next month.

Item #1:

#1:  Pixley Marie Abstract Chevron Elastic Waist Dress  Size: M  $64

Notes:  I actually pinned this exact dress on my Pinterest board.  It looked like a nice casual summer dress.  I was a bit unsure when I first tried it on.  The fit was great, I just wasn't sure if it did anything for my figure.  After trying it on again and even pairing it with a jean jacket, it grew on me.  It's super lightweight and I like that it's not form fitting on the belly.

Kept it or returned it?!  Kept it!

Item #2:

#2:  Renee C Melisa Printed Pencil Skirt   Size: M   $48

Notes:  Immediately out of the box, I knew I was most likely not keeping it.  I do love and have a few printed pencil skirts pinned, but this print is just not me.  It felt and looked like something you could get a discount "fashion" store and definitely wasn't worth the price tag.  

Kept it or Returned it?!  Returned!

Item #3 and #4:

#3:  Market & Spruce Barby Stud Detail Knit Tank   Size: S   $48

Notes:  I LOVE stripes.  Love them.  However, the little metal studs were questionable.  I could see it easily getting damaged or torn in the laundry.  And then there's the fact that it was super short, especially on the sides.  Cute, but nothing I had to have.

Kept it or Returned it?!  Returned!

#4:  Kut from the Kloth Haiden Straight Leg Jean   Size: 8  $88

Notes:  When I first saw that I got a pair of KFTK jeans, I was excited.  Everyone raves about these jeans.  They are comfy and have a great stretch.  I just was not a fan of the large cuff (another SF fan said she also got these and didn't love the cuff so she cut the threads holding the cuff, so she could cuff them smaller.  I would have totally done that too.)  Also they fit, but were slightly big and the consensus on the SF boards is that you need to order a size down on this brand.  So I knew they would just be too big.  I definitely wouldn't mind a pair of these though, like the distressed boyfriend jeans they have.

Kept it or Returned it?!  Returned!

Item #5:

#5:  Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse   Size: S   $38

Notes:  Love it.  It's a great lightweight top.  The sleeves are actually two pieces that overlap giving it a tulip look.  It's a great business casual piece that I can easily dress up or down.  A nice staple for the wardrobe.  

Kept it or Returned it?!  Kept it!

So I kept 2 out of the 5.  I tried not to get my hopes up waiting on this fix when the previous one was such a good fix.  I was slightly bummed because it wasn't as good, but I think even keeping one thing is a successful fix.  And this time my bank account thanks me.  I really love SF so far. (And I may have scheduled a second fix for this month to come right before convention to save me a shopping trip.)  Moving from a large city to a small town on an island has cramped my shopping abilities.  It's a good 45 min drive to the nearest town with any real stores, but it's still a good hour and a half to a decent mall.  So I really love that I can have items that are handpicked for me show up at my doorstep and I get 3+ days to try them on in my own home (moms, I know you feel me on how awesome that is!) and then just ship it back the ones I don't love in the prepaid envelope.  So easy!!


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