Stitch Fix #2

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I know I am late to the game, but last month I finally took the plunge and ordered my first Stitch Fix.  For those of you not familiar with this subscription service, this is how it works...  You create an account and answer a bunch of questions all about what you like and don't like, your figure, etc.  Then you pick whether you want monthly boxes or can just have them sent when you need them.  The price of each item varies and you let them know the price point you would like to pay and they try to honor that.  The items are what I would consider department store prices.  You pay a $20 styling fee and a stylist will pick 5 items for you and send them out.  You have 3 days to decide what you want to keep or send back.  If you keep at least 1 item, you will be able to credit your styling fee towards the item.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!  Then you log in, let them know what you're keeping/sending back and put your items in the prepaid envelope provided and ship it back to them and then you will be charged for what you kept.

I had heard of the service quite a while ago and just never got around to trying it out.   Now that we are not located in San Diego anymore, shopping isn't as easy.   It's at least a 45 minute trek to Target and about an hour and a half to get to a decent mall up here so I figured now is a good time to give Stitch Fix a try.  Who wouldn't love having personally picked items show up at your door!

So like I said, this is my second.  My first Fix wasn't a big win.  The items were cute, but most weren't really me.  I only kept the pair of skinny jeans they sent me.  So after that Fix, I did what they suggested and made a Pinterest board and pinned clothing and outfits that were my style so my stylist could get a better idea of what I liked.  You can see my Style board HERE.

I was excited, but nervous to see what the stylist picked out for me this time, but I opened it up and I was pleasantly surprised.  The items were much more what I would consider "me".  They aren't something that I would run to first, but after trying them all on I could easily keep them all and add them to my wardrobe.  These pieces are great for summer, most are easy to layer, which I have asked for because we live in Washington and weather is hit or miss even in "summer".

Now I need your help to decide what to keep and what to return.  Like I said I could easily keep them all, but I'd love your opinion.

Here is what it looks like when you unbox your Stitch Fix:

You will receive a fold out info sheet with style cards for each item that they picked for you, along with a note from the stylist.  This time the stylist, mentioned she saw my board and liked my feedback from the last box.  She also noted that the jeans were above the price range I selected, but thought they might be something I would like. 

Apologies for the less than professional photos, I asked the 9 yr old to take them for me.

Item #1 and #2: 

#1:  Alternative Apparel Greer Maxi Dress in black  Size: M  Price $68
Notes:  Super soft and comfy.  I have a hard time finding maxis that are actually long enough for me so big plus that this one actually touches the ground.  It has slits on both sides and I like the functionality of it.  It's super easy to dress up or down and I can pair it with a favorite accessory:  the jean jacket.   Only negative is that it is very sheer material that you can easily see undergarments.  I would have to wear a slip under.
Kept it or Returned it?  Kept it!

#2:  Street Level Juno Small Folded Clutch   Price $38
Notes:  It's cute and I love that there is plenty of room for essentials inside.  I also like the chain strap and that it comes off if you want to use it as a clutch.  I wouldn't normally grab a hot pink purse, but it's fun.  I'm unsure if I have enough I can pair it with.
Keep it or Returned it?  Kept it!

Item #3 and #4:

Item #3:  Wells Grace Emmy Embroidered Lattice Detail Blouse  Size: S  Price: $48
Notes:  I'm usually scared of tops with cut outs, but this is fun and I like the back detail.  A nude bra doesn't really show and again, it's a top I can easily dress up or down.
Kept it or Returned it?  Kept it!

Item #4:  DL1961 Hillary Skinny Jean in white  Size: 8  Price: $164
Notes:  I love the idea of a white pair of jeans and I think they are adorable on most.  These are so soft and comfy.  The zipper detail on the bottom is fun and I like the ankle crop.  As a mom of 3 white does scare me a little, especially with this price tag.  I have plenty of tops to pair it with though and being a tall girl good jeans aren't the easiest to come by and denim is where I will splurge if I find a good fit.  The tag also mentions that these are body sculpting/smoothing and feature 4 way stretch denim.  All of that sounds good for my mom bod.  
Kept it or Returned it?  Kept it!

Item #5:

Item #5:  Chambrai Wallen Mixed Material Top in light blue  Size: S  Price: $84
Notes:  This one I was slightly unsure of coming out of the box.  I like collared shirts, but most I don't think I look right in.  This one actually fit great and I like the look.  The mixed material works on this one with the front and tails being light and drapes well.  The sleeves and back are a super, comfy stretchy material.  And plus it goes well with the white jeans they sent.  The price again is a bit, okay, a lot more than I think I would normally spend on a shirt, but I do like it.
Kept it or Returned it?  Kept it!

Total for this box is $402.  If I keep the whole box, I get 25% off ($100.50), plus crediting back the styling fee I paid ($20) and I can walk away with all items for $281.50.  What should I do??!

Update:  I ended up keeping it all.  I couldn't resist.  The jeans are expensive and white, but they are sooo comfy and I have a lot that I can wear with them if I can keep them white.  They will be great for all my upcoming business trips and like I said jeans are where I will splurge for a good fit.  I still am not 100% sold on the mixed material top and the purse was cute but nothing I had to have, however it was silly not to keep them because the difference between keeping them or sending them back was about $20.  If I end up not wanting them I can easily sell them on a Stitch Fix B/S/T group on fb.  Yes, I discovered it exists! 

Want to try Stitch Fix out?!  SIGN UP HERE to use my referral link (I'll get a credit and then you can get your friends to sign up with your link!) and start answering your questionnaire.  Don't forget to make a Pinterest board to help your stylist out!  Then invite your friends to get a Fix too and earn a $25 credit!