Essential Oils 101

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I think one of the most common questions I get is What are essential oils?  And how do I use them?  It's a foreign thing to a lot of people, or maybe you've heard of them but aren't sure exactly how they could be beneficial to you.  I know when I first looked into them I was not sure at all how to use them or what to use them for.  But aren't essential oils only for "hippies"?  Then I realized oh hey, they aren't just for the super crunchy natural people.  Yes, I was looking for a more natural way to support wellness in our family and to use around the house, but I also still will run through a drive thru for a kid's meal for my kids, because #momlife.  No shame.  Guess what, they are for everyone and the uses are pretty much limitless.

Have questions?  Still confused?  Think they just might benefit you or your family?!  Well I just may love talking oils, so let's talk!  

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