Grandparents are the Best!

Friday, July 31, 2015

So last month Eric's parents flew out to visit and they did something pretty amazing.  They took all three kids back home with them.  We are 5 weeks down.  They have gone back and forth between my parents and his parents.  I was super nervous to let the youngest go, but I had two big business trips going on while they were gone that logistically wouldn't work if she stayed back.  I was a ball of nerves dropping them off at the airport, but she waved, said bye, and took off with them no problem.  I think she's a little mad at us because she doesn't really want anything to do with us when we try to FaceTime.  Hopefully she gets over that when they get back.  One more week to go and my mom and sister will be bringing them back.  I cannot wait to squeeze my babies.  It's been long enough that I find myself watching videos of them on my phone.  Being home alone with just the dog all day has been really weird.  But I am soaking it up and enjoying it because I know that will all end soon.

 I am thankful for the time we have got, just Eric and I.  Being so far from family and friends too now, we really don't get any alone time except for a rare night out where we try to escape for a few hours if we have family in town.  It's been nice and I am so happy the kids got a good chunk of time with all of our family, especially their great grandmas.  And we are pretty darn lucky that both of our parents and my sisters took them in and agreed to deal with them this long!

Check out that vintage car!  My mom said Jack got in and asked where the battery was.  Haha.  Sorry buddy, you gotta pedal yourself.

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