How do you diffuse?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

So those who known me know I'm essential oil obsessed.  I just cannot help it.  There are many ways you can use essential oils and one of my favorite ways is to diffuse the oils.

Diffusing oils is usually done in a diffuser, which is awesome because it disperses the aroma and therapeutic qualities into the air by vapor.  Thus giving everyone in the room the benefits of the oils and makes the whole room smell amazing too.  Diffusers do not heat the oil at all, which makes sure the constituents of the oil is not damaged.

Our home is full of diffusers of all shapes and sizes in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms.

Now as a mom to 3 littles, between school pick ups/drop offs, appts, errands and running my own business, I am on the go a lot.  So my other favorite type of diffuser is jewelry.  I love it because not only is it a great accessory to your outfit, but with oils becoming more and more popular, there are all kinds of cute ones out there to suit your style.

Here are a few I've bought or been gifted.   The bracelet and locket necklace both have a piece of leather to drop the oil on and the middle necklace you drop it on the wood.  Both materials work well for jewelry diffusers and last all day or a couple of days.

Yesterday, I posted this image on my instagram account saying #craftingismyyoga, which is totally true.  I have put it aside for way too long and whether it's sewing or doing some sort of DIY project it's my favorite way to unwind or channel my frustrations or anxiety.   

So here it is, the product of yesterday's crafting was making up some of my own diffuser necklaces and a few of these may just be going out to a few special people.   I'm wearing the C stamped one right now with a drop of bergamot.  It smells amazing and it has mood lifting qualities, which I could always use.